The Safe Project

Safe is a first-order eager functional language with facilities for programmer-controlled destruction and copying of data structures. It provides also regions, i.e. disjoint parts of the heap where the compiler allocates data structures.

Most functional languages abstract the programmer from the memory management. Should the memory be exhausted, the garbage collector will copy/mark the live part of the heap and will consider the rest as free. This normally implies the suspension of program execution for some time. Occasionally, not enough free memory has been recovered and the program simply aborts.

In some contexts, this scheme may not be acceptable. Safe does not use a garbage collector and is equipped with a set of compile-time analyses aimed at inferring an upper bound on memory consumption. Additionally the compiler (will hopefully) provide a formal certificate proving this property.

The Safe project has been funded by the Spanish grants TIN2004-07943-C04-04 (SELF), S-0505/TIC/0407 (PROMESAS), and is currently funded by the grant TIN2008-06622-C03-01 (STAMP).

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